Palace Detectives have been an amazing success story. Formed in 1990, primarily as a small luncheon club for Police Detectives who support Crystal Palace FC, we have since gone from strength to strength.

We received a tremendous boost initially by having Steve Coppell at our inaugural lunch at Strikers' Restaurant, Selhurst Park on 11th January 1990, with about twenty officers in attendance. Steve has attended subsequent functions and as someone who is not over enamoured with public speaking has often stated that he feels most comfortable in the company of the 'Detectives.'

There is no doubt that the cup final of 1990 was a massive coup for Palace Detectives as we suddenly discovered that there were considerably more than twenty of us. We advertised for members throughout the country and had an excellent response, not just from the Home Counties. Including family and friends we took around 200 supporters to the final. Not long after, the club was officially constituted and the membership quickly climbed to a fairly consistent 75.

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