A Tribute to the Palace Detectives by After Dinner Entertainer and lifelong Crystal Palace fan - Barry Williams.

With a father who had served in the police for 28 years and me being, not only an entertainer, but a lifelong Palace fan, it was only a matter of time before there was a coming together. Once the founder of Palace Detectives, Iain Gordon, who knew me from my entertaining at Selhurst Park, discovered that my father had been in 'the job,' as it is known within the police, he invited me to join the Palace Detectives at one of their get-together lunches. That was in 1990 and since then my association with the Palace Detectives has gone from strength to strength. Steve Kember's little wine bar in Croydon would never cope these days, as the lunches are generally packed with members and their guests on special occasions. Sports Dinners are a much larger event to put on and are a huge success, providing a quantum leap for the Detectives' fund raising.

With Crystals now unavailable, an amusing moment in my history with the Detectives is when their Chairman, Kevin Tooher, said to me, "Barry, our next Sports Dinner is at The Warren, (the police sports club), do you know where that is?" I replied, "Kevin, my Dad was on 'Z' Division (covering Croydon and surrounding areas) and I used to be up there twice a week. It'll be a bit different doing the Sports Dinners from the last time I was there, just wanting to play on the swings!"

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