Welcome to palacedetectives.co.uk, the online home for police officers, serving or retired, who love Crystal Palace FC.

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Founded in 1990, primarily as a luncheon club, the detectives have been an amazing success story. Our original aim, in our non commercial way, was to assist Palace through sponsorship, which we have maintained through the years, mainly with our support of players. Additionally, through our club's dark days of limited funds, we were able to raise money for essential equipment.

We have also taken great pleasure in raising funds for local charities, managing to raise over £40,000. If you think you might be interested in joining us in support of the club, please send us an email.

As an organisation who are enjoying our first quarter of a century and look forward to many more years. We're proud to be associated with the club & look forward to a close partnership for years to come.

Centenary Mural
Centenary Mural

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